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Our Core Values

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Our schools shine as proof of the educational benefits of receiving an all-girls, college preparatory, public education. The schools offer young urban girls in Texas a choice in their education … a choice for a brighter educational future. Each school is built upon our core values of College Readiness, Responsible Leadership, and Wellness Life Skills.

College Readiness: Our ultimate goal is to have 100% of the students in its sponsored schools attend and graduate college. To this end, the schools offer a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that has proven to raise expectations and increase educational performance among the students. Through grants and donations, the Foundation supports programs that enhance the educational experiences of our students. These year-round programs include critical areas as summer learning,  math and science, and technology. To support the mission that every girl attend college, FEYW recommends a full-time CollegeBound Advisor on each campus. And to ensure our teachers are exceptionally prepared and equipped, the Foundation provides training and enhancement opportunities.

Responsible Leadership: FEYW’s education plan emphasizes leadership development to awaken and strengthen the potential within each of our students. FEYW teaches our girls responsible decision-making and accountability, and stresses community service and global awareness.

Wellness Life Skills: We believe wellness life skills are critical to the long-term health and happiness of our young women. We stress the importance of a healthy lifestyle through daily physical activity, nutritional education, and making smart choices.